His Majesty’s Attentiveness towards Growth and Development of Education

The attentiveness of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam towards growth and development of education in the country was emphasised through visits to education institutions. At Tutong District, His Majesty visited two education institutions and one aquaculture company yesterday morning. His Majesty also stopped by at the residence of the Penghulu in Mukim Telisai, as well as several homes of key recipients.

The Tutong Sixth Form Centre in Kampung Bukit Beruang that has been operating since 2012 were among the institutions that received special attention from the Monarch. His Majesty watched the student's outdoor activities involving physical and intellectual clubs. Their involvement in co-curriculum activities is hoped to encourage them to be active physically and mentally, apart from being excellent in academic.

His Majesty then planted a palm tree to commemorate His Majesty's visit to the sixth form centre. With the vision to become an institution with prominent scholars, the centre is actively implementing its vision by educating scholars with sustainable skills towards realising the country's aspiration. Since 2012, 25 students have been awarded with government and private scholarships to further their studies overseas. Out of the 25 students, 3 were awarded the Sultan's Scholar Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah scholarship, 8 received the Brunei Shell Petroleum scholarship, 13 were awarded scholarship from the Ministry of Education and one student received scholarship from TOTAL.

His Majesty then took a closer look at the art and design gallery that showcased the handiworks of the art and design students. The Monarch also previewed the Malay Islamic Monarchy projects produced by Syariah students. Throughout the visit, His Majesty mingled with the students to learn more on their development in education and activities.

To further disseminate the centre's growth and development, a number of exhibitions and activities were presented for His Majesty. This portrays the goals of the school management, teachers and students in realising the Wawasan Brunei 20-35 in the field of education. Among the highlight include the design and technology club. Science and technology is one of the educational fields that is actively being improved at all school level.

His Majesty then proceeded to watch performances from Classic Guitar Club, Origami and Oshibori Cultural Club, Creative Jawi Calligraphy Club, as well as the Entrepreneurship and Junior Achievement Club. Last year, a number of students have represented the country for the Junior Achievement Programme in Tokyo, Japan.

Students studying at the centre came from the catchment area of Mukim Telisai, Mukim Pekan Tutong, Mukim Tanjong Maya, Mukim Kiudang, Mukim Keriam, Mukim Ukong, Mukim Lamunin, Mukim Rambai and some areas of Belait District. Currently, the centre has 350 students.

The Mukim and Kampung Consultative Institutions as well as the leadership of penghulu and village chiefs also came under the attention of His Majesty. The Monarch visited the residence of Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Ramli bin Haji Lahit, Legislative Council member who is also the Penghulu of Mukim Telisai. Mukim Telisai has three villages namely Telisai, Danau and Bukit Beruang with the total population of over 10 thousand people. The Mukim is equipped with a number of facilities and infrastructure such as primary, secondary and religious schools, mosques, recreational park and a civic centre.

Next on the Monarch's itinerary was the Tumpuan Telisai Primary School. With over 30 teaching staff, the school has over 200 students. The school aims to provide a quality education for the students so that they can achieve excellence.

The aspects of development, improvement of school infrastructures and facilities including ICT were among the matters that were given priority by the Ministry of Education to achieve excellent and conducive teaching and learning, in which His Majesty's government has allocated a large budget towards vision.

To ensure a better learning environment that supports teaching and learning excellence, the Ministry of Education with the Ministry of Religious Affairs has created the School Standard for a systematic and balanced development.

His Majesty's interaction with students will certainly be a special moment for the students, and hoped to encourage the students to study diligently to achieve success in education.

What was special during His Majesty's visit was when the Monarch received a pasambah in the form of a portrait drawing of His Majesty himself, produced by Year 4, 5 and 6 students.

Before visiting the homes of house key recipients, His Majesty took a closer look at the soil erosion at Danau Beach.

His Majesty continued the visit to a number of houses of cluster and terrace key recipients under the Bukit Beruang National Housing Scheme. Such a historic moment will certainly be the talk for years to come especially for the key recipients.

The happiness of the recipients who gathered to welcome His Majesty can be clearly seen, and this shows the citizen's love towards the People's Monarch. Such closeness act as a platform for the people's loyalty to support and uphold sovereignty. The strong love between the Monarch and the People will become a backbone in creating peace, stability and harmony for the nation, and be a symbol of solidarity and close cooperation.

The provided housing area uses a comprehensive housing development concept, complete with land spaces for public facilities in the future. The government also continuously review policies and planning that need to implemented to maintain the people's well-being and social security as a whole and effectively so that the future generation can also enjoy it.

The Bukit Beruang National Housing Scheme is an area under Mukim Telisai with an area of 495 hectares. With over 2 thousand 700 units of semi-detached, cluster and terrace houses, this will not only increase the number of its residents, it will also further enliven and beautify the mukim area.

His Majesty ended the visit to Golden Corporation Sendirian Berhad, an aquaculture company located at the Kampung Serambangun Industrial Site. A strategic business partner of Semaun Marine Resources Sendirian Berhad that is established by the Foreign Direct Investment, the company is hoped to develop the processed seafood. The first seafood processing centre is equipped with the latest technologies. Currently, the investment value of Golden Corporation Sendirian Berhad is over 30 million dollars, and 70 percent of its staff are locals.

The Golden Corporation Sendirian Berhad comprised levels of down and upstream, food making for ocean farming, as well as delivering finished products to the local and overseas market. The company manages restrict prawn rearing at an area of over 200 hectares in Tutong District, process seafood, and catch fish using 20 boats owned by the company and are equipped with modern technology.

The SGS ISO22000 and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, HACCP certificates that were awarded to the company proved that the company's food management system is in line with the highest standards, and making the company's blue prawn farm the first in the world to be awarded with the European Union and China organic certification. The achievement provides opportunity for the company to export its products to the international market such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and United States apart from local customers.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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