Hj Sabli: Immigrants are Controlling Majority of Businesses in Sultanate (BruDirect (Brunei))

A group of students from Institute of Brunei Technical Education Business School (IBTE SP) campus visited Sabli Food Industries (B) Sdn Bhd where they heard a briefing by the company’s Director, Haji Sabli bin Haji Arsad.

According to a press release, the transformation of IBTE gives high emphasis to experiential learning under a new curriculum that has been designed to ensure more “competency-based training”.

To achieve the objectives of the new IBTE, an authentic learning approach is adopted to produce competent and skilled workforce that are marketable for employment both in the public and private sector.

The press release said, “Unlike the traditional method of teaching and learning, authentic learning gives an opportunity for the students to learn in a real-life setting. In authentic learning, the teachers become the guide and facilitator. Students learn by exploring and engaging themselves in activities that stimulates their learning”.

During the visit, the students heard a talk to motivate them to enter the entrepreneurship field. A good example of an entrepreneur is Haji Sabli who developed his Sabli group of companies.

Most of the students were happy with the sharing session because it covered management, marketing, finance and innovative and creative modules that they had learnt in the 1st year of their diploma course. They observed how those theories can be used in a real-life situation by the company.

Haji Sabli encouraged the students to become entrepreneurs, saying that having more local entrepreneurs would benefit the nation because most of the businesses in the country are currently controlled by foreigners.

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