HMS Albion Plays Major Role in Setia Kawan III Exercise

The involvement of the HMS Albion plays a major role in the Third Setia Kawan Exercise. The British royal navy vessel, which is in the country for the second time this year, is prepared to provide exercise services with the Royal Brunei Armed Forces in order to hone their attack and defence knowledge and tactics.

The more than 18 metric tonne ship can accommodate 600 personnel. Launched on the 9th of March 2001, the vessel was commissioned two years later on the 19th of June 2003. The vessel is equipped with a number of defence artillery as well as has a 6.6 mega watt generator that can power a small town. The flight deck can accommodate 2 Chinook transport helicopters making the vessel able to contribute a large role and responsibility for the British Royal Navy.

The ship deck can accommodate 31 trucks, 36 armoured vehicles and two tanks. The might of the warship can be seen through its capability in deploying troops via sea and air. The vessel's capability is also proven through a number of its missions in assisting in the refugee rescue at the Mediterranean Sea, evacuating British residents from Beirut and bringing home British troops from Afghanistan.

Source:: Radio Television Brunei

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