Holy Month of Ramadhan, Full of Blessings and Rewards from Allah

Tarawih prayers and the Tadarus Al-Quran, these are the two main sunnah practices that Muslims perform in Ramadhan. After a year's wait that some Muslims say seemed like a lifetime, the ummah greeted and glorified the start of the fasting month of Ramadhan of 1438 Hijrah last night. Fasting from dawn to dusk during the holy month is the fifth tenet of Islam. Ramadhan is the month of Allah the Almighty that the Creator also gifted to the Muslims as the month of the Followers of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alahi Wassalam.

The month of Ramadhan is full of blessings, bounties and rewards from Allah Al-Khaliq, the Creator. It is also thirty days full of Maghfirah or Allah's forgiveness. Al-Quran tells much about the benefits of Ramadhan where every act of piety is rewarded many folds, even up to 700 times. The supplications of those who fast will also be granted by Allah the Most Sublime. Ramadhan is the month to foster stronger relations among families, especially if the demands of the other eleven months limited one's relations or interactions with other family members.

It was in Ramadhan more than one thousand four hundred years ago that Al-Quran was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam. The revelation of Al-Quran through Jibirl Alaihissalam took place within a period of 23 years. The Lailatul Qadar or Night of the Decree is Allah's special gift to Muslims in Ramadhan. According to Al-Quran, the abundance of Allah's blessings, bounties and forgiveness during the Lailatul Qadar makes it better than a thousand months.

The beginning of Ramadhan is blessing, the middle is maghfirah or forgiveness and the end is freedom from the Hellfire. For Muslims, the holy month offers bounties that are not to be missed, and the one year wait for Ramadhan always makes them determined and eager to perform more acts of piety and other good deeds.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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