Home Link Programme Monitors Student Progress At Home

Towards enhancing the education quality at the primary, secondary, post-secondary, technical and vocational as well as higher education levels, the Ministry of Education has carried out a number of strategies in line with the ministry's mission to provide holistic education to achieve full potential for all.

The strategies include the Education Strategy at the Primary and Secondary levels through the implementation of the Primary and Secondary Education Initiative; Enhancing Teachers Skills and Leadership Capabilities of Principals and headmasters, and Enhancing Students' Literacy and Numeracy. In Enhancing Teachers Skills and Leadership Capabilities of Principals and headmasters, the Ministry of Education gives emphasis on four matters including implementing the 'School-Home Link' programme between parents and schools.

The 'School-Home Link' Programme between parents and schools, helps the school to monitor the students' learning progress at home with the cooperation of the parents and guardians. According to the Ministry of Education, the percentage of involvement of parents and guardians in the Parents and Teachers Association, PIGB Activity, is at a level that requires improvement. The involvement of parents and guardians in PIBG activities in 2016-2017 is only 38 percent, while the attendance of parents and guardians in discussion sessions between teachers and parents every year is at 68 percent on average.

In the Belait District, the Head of Cluster 6 with the cooperation of the Cluster 6 Primary Schools organised the Mathematics 'School-Home Link' Programme to provide knowledge and skills to parents and guardians in monitoring the subject in order to help their children revise as well as further strengthen their preparations before sitting for the Primary School Assessment, PSR.

According to the Head of Cluster 6, the subject is given priority in the 'School-Home Link' Programme seeing that Mathematics is one of the subjects that is difficult to master by some primary school pupils that negatively impacts the PSR achievement overall performance.

The initiative that began last March is hoped to improve the students' achievement in the subject of Mathematics. The programme carried out until October this year, involves a number of schools in Belait District. Currently the programme is carried out once a month and in three months' time, before the examinations, it will be held twice a month.

The facilitators are selected from teachers with the most effective teaching methods, in three zones simultaneously. In the Belait zone, selected schools are the Sungai Teraban Primary School, Ahmad Tajuddin primary School, Kuala Belait Primary School, PSJ Primary School and Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Primary School. While in the Seria zone, will be from Panaga Primary School, PSN Primary School and Mohamad Alam primary School. In the Liang-Lumut School Zone, will be from Lumut Primary School, Sungai Tali Primary School and Sungai Liang Primary School.

The role of parents is vital in upholding the children's education and assisting the Ministry of Education in making a success of any initiative, in efforts to further enhance the quality of education and student achievement.

Even though, the parents' have different socio-economic backgrounds and every family face their respective challenges, it does not lessen the parents' role in their children's education, since by only accompanying them while they are doing their homework or reading, can boost the children's spirit to succeed.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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