House Fire Statistics

​For the last week, statistics from the Fire and Rescue Department show an increase in house fires, receiving 4 calls about house fire and one on electrical fire.


The cause is believed to be overloading of the distribution board (DB) or also known as the fuse board and faulty wiring. Apart from that other causes of house fires include overheating when charging mobile phones on the mattress, roof struck by lightning, as well as damaged refrigerator motor fan.


Estimated Damage Affected Occupiers Injured Fatality
BND $160,300.00 ·         26 locals

·         7 foreign nationals

 1 person  –


Estimated damage from the said fires is about one hundred and sixty thousand dollars.  They involve many locals and foreign nationals.  The Fire and Rescue Department also reported one injury but no fatality.


In this regard the department stresses that the public should be more alert and aware of information on house fires, ensure no overloading on any one socket, ensure that wiring is in good condition and carry out inspections with companies accredited and recognised by the Department of Electrical Services (DES). The public are also reminded to switch off electrical appliances after using or when them for long periods. They should also possess safety equipment such as fire extinguishers or blankets and smoke detectors.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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