Implementation of 2nd Phase De-Escalation Plan for Cinemas

Commencing 27th of July 2020, cinemas nationwide are now allowed to operate at 60 percent capacity at one time. Under the implementation of the second phase De-Escalation plan for Cinemas starting yesterday, all cinemas are allowed to conduct business operations by ensuring physical and social distancing of at least two seats.

In this second phase, individuals aged 12 and above are allowed to enter the cinema. Those who are in a family group are allowed to sit close together. The public who intend to enter the cinema, however need to make a seat reservation for first and buy the tickets online or by phone. Visitors are also allowed to eat and drink while watching a movie.

Despite the additional reduction of these social distancing measures, cinema operators need to ensure that visitors are always wearing face masks, in good health, and scan the QR code before entering the cinema. Cinema operators however, need to provide hand-sanitizers. Any cinema owners or operators who are found not complying with the conditions outlined, can be charged under the Infectious Diseases Act 204.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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