Implementation of the Twice-Monthly Salary Payment

The implementation of the twice-monthly salary payment initiative will give benefit to officers and staff involved to receive salary 15 days earlier from the usual and this will certainly enhance the effectiveness of the cash flow management to accommodate their daily needs. As announced earlier this week, the pilot initiative will be implemented to officers and staff of the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Finance and departments under them starting from January 2018. Dato Paduka Awang Ahmaddin Bih Haji Abd Rahman, The Permanent Secretary (of Policy and Investment) at the Ministry of Finance, made the explanation during an interview in the Rampai Pagi Programme yesterday morning.

According to Dato Paduka Awang Ahmaddin, those involved in the twice-monthly salary payment are officers and staff who are on permanent appointment, contract, month-to-month, open vote and daily paid. Housing loans, car purchasing loans and other loans deducted at the Treasury Department will also be divided into two payments. The Financial Institutions will also deducted loans such as personal and car loans into two payments.

Meanwhile, Dayang Norliah Binti Haji Kula, The Permanent Secretary (of Performance) at the Ministry of Finance explained that the twice-monthly salary payment will not involve the payment of Service Pensions, Old Age Pension Allowance, Welfare Assistance, Allowance for the Disabled and others. She said officers and staffs of Statuary Bodies and Government Link Companies could implement the initiative subject to the discretion of the respective Boards. Implementing the pilot initiative at the two Ministries is to enable the Treasury Department to assess and study the feedback on the project prior to extending it to other agencies. Since the Computerised Salary System and Daily Salary System are under the control of the Treasury Department, the pilot measure at the Ministry of Finance will make it easier for the Treasury Department to gain urgent feedback from the officers and staff involved in the initiative.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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