Improvement in Retailer’s Compliance to Festive Season Maximum Prices

During this year's seasonal maximum price setting period, retailers improved their compliance to the maximum prices set on the eight categories of selected daily food essentials. According to the Department of Economic Planning and Development, JPKE, Ministry of Finance and Economy, only 7 offences were found compared to the 34 offences recorded in 2018. JPKE has issued written warnings to 3 premises in Brunei Muara district, 3 in Tutong District and 1 premise in the Belait district. For exceeding the set maximum selling price for butter, coconut milk, condensed milk and flour.

The maximum prices were set by JPKE for five weeks from the 1st of Ramadhan on whole chicken, chicken eggs, butter, margarine, ghee, condensed, evaporated and cream milk, flour, and condensed, cream and powdered coconut milk. The annual initiative is intended to maintain the affordability of selected high-consumption food items used in food preparation during the festive season. JPKE wishes to highlight that although the festive season and the setting of seasonal maximum prices has ended, retailers are encouraged to continue offering competitive prices in order to compete and attract consumers.

The public is encouraged to exercise their consumer rights by reporting any concerns and providing feedback to JPKE through the official channels as follows:

Consumer Hotline: Talian Darussalam 123

Mobile application: PenggunaBijak / SmartConsumer


Facebook: AduanPenggunaJPKE

JPKE Telephone Line: 2230223 (During office hours)

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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