Increase in Knowledge in Cyber Security

Members of the public are reminded to always be cautious towards tactics used by cyber criminals especially when providing confidential or personal information. The public is also reminded to always increase their knowledge in cyber security as it is always changing from time to time. The reminder was made by the Operation Officer of Cyber Security Brunei during an interview in Rampai Pagi yesterday. In the title 'Identity Theft', Dayang Siti Khadijah binti Haji Ismail also shared several cyber security tips such as using a safe password; update security software; avoid being deceived in investments that promise high returns with low risk; use the internet and social media ethically; and think before clicking a link or opening an attachment.

Dayang Siti Khadijah said identity theft can occur as a result of the individual themselves who revealed their personal details in social media; or through phishing by clicking links that direct to websites that can steal data, or providing personal details via suspicious emails, or cyber-attacks that can leak out personal information. She added when personal items are being stolen such mails containing personal information such as house or phone bills, or handbags and wallet containing identity card, credit card and others, this can also lead to identity theft. Identity theft can also occur when people do dumpster diving for personal information, and using unknown or fake Wi-Fi hotspot.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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