Involvement of the Temburong District Residents Shows Patriotism and Solidarity

As well as other participants in different districts, participants from the Temburong District also felt excited in together glorifying the grand assembly in the capital. For participants from the country's Green Jewel, it was a way of expressing their gratitude for being born in this blessed country called Brunei Darussalam.

Early in the morning, the march-past and field performance participants from Temburong comprising government staff and students proceeded to the capital in boats, their own cars and buses. Some residents in the district, expressed their gratitude for having the opportunity to participate in the grand assembly.

The involvement of the Temburong district residents in the march-past and field performance in conjunction with the National Day can inculcate patriotism and solidarity among them as the carry out their vital role in building the country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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