Isra’ Mi’raj Celebration

Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alaihi Wassalam truly emphasises the Ummah to perform congregational prayers as they contain many benefits. This was among the contents of a talk held in conjunction with the Isra' Mi'raj celebration yesterday afternoon. The talk, organised by the Ministry of Finance and departments under it, was held at the Ministry's building in Commonwealth Drive.

Present was Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Paduka Doctor Awang Haji Mohd Amin Liew bin Abdullah, Acting Minister of Finance. The talk, titled "Sembahyang Berjemaah, Meraih Berkat" or "Mass Prayers Bring Multiple Blessings", was delivered by Awang Abdul Rahman bin Haji Ajak, Co-founder of Al-Minhaj Centre and a certified Da'ie of the Brunei Islamic Religious Council. The talk also touched on the multiple rewards that can be attained by performing mass prayers, as opposed to praying individually. Also present was Dato Paduka Awang Ahmaddin bin Haji Abdul Rahman, Deputy Minister of Finance.

A similar celebration was also held at the University Brunei Darussalam Mosque yesterday afternoon. Present was Associate Professor Doctor Mohd Ayub Sadiq, Acting Vice Chancellor of UBD. The function was enlivened with a Special Talk titled 'Indahnya Solat', delivered by Doctor Haji Ismuhadi bin Haji Abdullah, a speaker from the Islamic Dakwah Centre. The talk also shared that the door of repentance is always wide open by endearing oneself to Allah Subhanahu Wataala, and that performing prayers wholeheartedly and sincerely is one way of cleansing oneself from committing wrongdoings. The function was organised by the UBD Students' Association

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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