Issue of Lighting Up Street Lights

The government has been able to save some 3 point 6 million dollars a year, as a result of the initiative to alternately switch off street lights. The Minister of Energy and Industry stated the matter in response to the query voiced by Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Ramli bin Haji Lahit, on the measure of lighting up several areas. Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Dr. Awang Haji Mat Suny also explained that the Department of Electrical Services will collaborate with other agencies such as the Public Works Department to identify the need to install lights on roads that will be constructed.

Yang Berhormat said the alternate lighting of streetlights is one of the government's initiative in reducing expenditures aside from overall energy saving. To date, the government has saved some three point six million days a year. The initiative is a minimal effort of the government to assist in reducing the national expenditure. In ensuring the safety and interest of the public, the alternate switching off of lights does not involve strategic areas such as main junctions, sharp corners, mosque and school junctions, fly-overs and other areas that can affect the safety of road users. The Department of Electrical Services has also implemented the initiative of changing the alternate lighting up of streetlights every six months, whereby lights that are not currently switched on, will be switched on in six months' time.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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