Issue of Repairing School Buildings

Touching on measures to repair school buildings, the Minister of Education said that his Ministry together with the relevant government agencies have carried out inspections such as compliance to the Fire Safety Order and inspection on building structures. Based on data from these inspections, an action plan has been prepared to support efforts to repair and upgrade buildings in a comprehensive manner. The matter was stated in response to the query raised by Yang Berhormat Awang Hanapi bin Mohd Siput regarding the ministry's efforts in terms of repairing school buildings.

The Minister said his Ministry has identified 5 main criteria as a guide for implementation. Firstly, in terms of safety, which is ensuring that the environment is free from risks of danger or injury to the school staff and students as well as building users. Compliance to Health and Safety is the main factor in evaluating the action plan and one which needs to be carried out immediately and accordingly. Secondly in terms of wastage, which is ensuring that the action plan is suitable to avoid wastage to the government or potential for increasing costs if not tackled urgently. Thirdly, in terms of health, which is ensuring the environment is clean, healthy and free from pollution to ensure the well-being of staff and students at education institutions. Fourthly, in terms of comfort, which is ensuring a conducive environment for teaching and learning sessions including ensuring the suitability of ventilation and lighting levels. Lastly, in terms of visual, which is ensuring that the infrastructure and environment are attractive in terms of building aesthetics.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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