Issue on Challenges Faced By Local Farmers

The vegetables plantation sector of the local farmers also facing various challenges including uncertain weather condition, lack of financial resource and competition on market price especially from the neighbouring states. The Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism deliberated on several new strategies to assist the existing farmers, young farmers and low-income farmers.

Yang Berhormat said the direction is to focus on high quality plantation with modern techniques such as using the hydrophonic system, vertical farming and green house. With the target on the export market, apart from the local market. For the low-income farmers, a cheaper and simple techniques will be introduced such as traditional and fertigation techniques and using disposal materials that can be produced lucrative income. Apart from that the Ministry has discussed with a number of agriculture products buying and export companies as well as several main supermarkets in the country to purchase the products on contract basis with local farmers who can produce products that meets the market's demand, both for local and export markets. Referring to the development budget planning for the 2018-2019, there are an allocation of One million dollars and the price of the plan is amounting to 3 million dollars under the allocation of the Eleventh National Development Plan namely for the enhancement programme of producing vegetables using high technology. Besides that more than 468-thousand dollars are also allocated under the recurring budget to enhance the agriculture bio-security and to ensure the agriculture products can penetrate the export market.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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