Issue on Depression among Students

The First Meeting of the 14th Legislative Council continued on its eleventh day yesterday with the deliberations on various aspects pertaining to education, health, youth and religious. The problem of depression among students was among the matters touched in this morning's meeting. In response to the query on that issue, the Minister of Education said that the Scholarship Section of the Ministry of Education takes seriously on the issue of mental depression and disorder among the students and needs to be tackled together. The Ministry of Education, said Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Awang Haji Hamzah bin Haji Sulaiman, will take measure according to the existing Standard Operating Procedure including contacting the student, arranging an appointment with the student and the parents on the condition of the student as well as obtaining information on the student's academic progress report.

47 Brunei Darussalam students who are studying abroad from the year 2013 until 2017 have experienced mental health problems. Out of the number, 17 male students and 25 female students who studied in United Kingdom have been reported to experienced mental health problems. Meanwhile, 4 male students who studied in Australia and one female student in the United States of America were also reported to experience mental health problems.

The main cause of mental depression and disorder among the government scholarship students studying abroad is strongly related to academic factor. Other factors such as family, environment, the students' personality, time management capability, spirituality, health and accommodation also play significant roles. The factors also strongly related to each other and all of these are the essence of the ability in facing academic challenges or work load. Majority of the students who experienced mental health problems are scholarship students under the Ministry of Education. The number of overseas students who experienced mental health problems is still small and less from the cost namely 0 point 5 percent from the total number of existing students. However, the problem is not a small matter and it was one of the problem that need urgent attention as an early intervention in order to prevent any undesirable incident from happening.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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