Issue on Long Term Project at Agro Park

To ensure that the huge spending forked out by the government to finance the construction of the Agro Park is worth it, the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism has made use of the area for high-quality and high-value farming for the export and local markets. The Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism explained the matter in response to a query raised about the long-term project at the Agro Park in Tungku.

According to the Minister, the site has been offered to local and foreign investors to carry out farming of various fruits and vegetables for the local and export markets by making use of high technology. A Pilot project involving youths and contract farmers is also being carried out where local and foreign buyers join together with youth farmers to plant a variety of high quality fruits and vegetables for export. The scheme is the Ministry's effort to increase output and enhance the high quality and high value market which will reap huge profits for these products.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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