Issue on Monthly Welfare Assistance

Five thousand seven hundred and twenty-two people received the Community Development Department, JAPEM Monthly Welfare Assistance, BKB in 2018 with the overall amount of 13 point 6 million dollars. The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports shared the matter in response to the query raised by Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Abd Wahab bin Apong. According to Yang Berhormat the minister, 60 percent of the BKB recipients comprised those who are able but unemployed. Therefore, a number of strategies have been implemented to further enhance the efficacy of several assistance programmes in an effort to remove them from the poverty cycle.

Yang Berhormat the minister said the strategies include the employment incentive programme focusing on applicants who are unemployed. The ministry is targeting the work plan programme for 200 people this year. At the same time the ministry are also conducting other programmes such as the Job Plan Programme, Home Business Programme, community empowerment programme and the Visionary Youth Innovation Programme. These programmes are targeted for the less fortunate so that they are no longer dependant on the monthly welfare assistance.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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