Jeddah United celebrates 10 years of father-and-son tournament

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the "father and son" tournament, Jeddah United partnered with Al-Baik Food Systems and the Ministry of Health to highlight their annual corporate social responsibility initiative of promoting sportsmanship and bringing families together at the Kaaki Court on Friday.

"The idea is all about promoting sports, promoting family values and a healthy lifestyle," said Lina Almaeena, co-founder of Jeddah United. "Alhamdulillah, we are glad to have marked the 10th year with the attendance of Prince Abdullah bin Musa'ed, chief of the General Presidency for Youth Welfare. We had great partners; we had great companies that supported us. I believe it was just a great way to support the community and we hope to keep going."

The main highlights of the evening were the father-and-son tournaments, followed by other basketball and soccer matches among men and children starting at the age of 5. Half-time was a fitness show by coach Motaz Akdar.

"I want to thank Jeddah United for making all these possible," said Rami Abu Ghazaleh, CEO of Al-Baik. "They have been the best partners. Their commitment, their organization, the spirit that they show for the community and for the success of this community cannot be described in words."

Abu Ghazaleh said that he is looking forward to seeing the event happening every month in all neighborhoods across the Kingdom. "This is exactly what we need for the community and this is what will bring everyone together - the good times with the children, the fathers and the mothers."

Manal Shams, head of Smoking Cessation Program at the Ministry of Health, emphasized on the participation of the ministry at the event for the second year. "We are promoting our anti-smoking campaign to create awareness on the importance of the negative effects on daily life due to smoking."

"It is an impressive gathering with children of all ages, fathers and mothers. The participation of sponsors is the key element to make anything successful," said columnist Tariq Almaeena. "I have to give credit to this company for doing something against the odds, for fighting bureaucracy and getting up to a level where it is now."

The evening's guest of honor was Prince Abdullah bin Musa'ed. Other prominent guests were Ali Hussein Alireza, managing director of Haji Hussein Alireza; Rami Abu Ghazaleh, CEO of Al-Baik; Dr. Ghazi Madani, former president of King Abdul Aziz University; Saudi media analyst Khaled Almaeena; Abdulelah Moumena, general manager of Al-Ahli Club; Ibrahim Mosly, former Saudi ambassador to Nigeria/Kazakhstan /Brunei; and Majid Al-Sahafi and Badr Al-Mohaissen from the Sports Investment Committee at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI).

Alireza, who took part in the founding father-and-son tournament 10 years ago, said he was very proud to participate in the event. "We didn't just participate; we also sponsored the first event. So it was only appropriate that we also participate in the 10th event and hopefully we will keep our association going."

Khaled Almaeena said that the fact that the prince showed up at the event is an indication of confidence in these kinds of initiatives. Dania Almaeena, founder of Riyadh United and marketing director of Jeddah United, said the club has different divisions for men, women and children starting at the age of 4. "The idea is that it is important to be active and it fights obesity, diabetes, and psychological stress," she added.

The sponsors of the event were Al-Baik, Mazda, Gatorade, Expose7, McHils, Advanced Creativity, as well as and the Ministry of Health.

Source: Arab news

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