Joy of Celebrating the National Day Can Now Be Felt

All citizens and residents are prepared to glorify the National Day Celebration together. The joy of the celebration can be felt since the hoisting of national flag and personal flags at all houses, government building and business premises. For participants involved in the march past and field performances on Saturday, patriotism and excitement are now embedded in their hearts.

More than Twenty Three Thousand participants from 138 teams will take part in the march past of the event. The Oath Reading Team is among those who will play a significant role at every National Day celebration. This year, 34 participants from various academic and professional backgrounds have been selected to participate in the team. 5 special needs people who were also selected as part of the team have proven that their disabilities do not hinder them.

People from all walks of life also do not want to miss the celebration this Saturday. The participation of senior citizens each year have proven that age does not hinder them from participating the Assembly. Instead they act as 'role models' to the young people in expressing love to the country.

The participation of the People with Special needs on the historic event is a great recognition for them. Their participation is a physical expression of their love towards the monarch and country.

Brunei Darussalam Women's Council is also participating in the march past to further enliven the 34th National Day celebration. More than 100 of the council's members will participate in the Grand Assembly.

The participation of children in the celebration will provide them opportunities to learn cooperation in making the celebration successful and to get to know the meaning of independence. The adult participants also showed their solid enthusiasm led by their teachers.

The participation of youth as a main group in the celebration is hoped to portray active youths and loyalty to the country and loving monarch. Active, competitive and cooperative youths who practise good values are a significant asset to the country in guarding its independence and sovereignty.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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