Joyful Park: A Place of Wellness and Well-Being

Brunei Darussalam is well-known as an eco-tourism destination with its many natural resources such as tropical rainforests. A new park was opened on 23rd December, attracting the interest of the public.

Joyful Park, located at Simpang 214, Kampung Subok, carries the theme of well-ness and well-being. The park is filled with medicinal and herbal plants and trees apart from water features in the landscape with Chinese cultural and architectural elements. Visitors to the park can see for themselves the uniqueness of the design and decorations around the park which provides a view as if they are truly in China itself. The park is certain to appeal to recreation as well as photography enthusiasts. The park also welcomes bride and bridegrooms to be whom wish to commemorate their special day with beautiful photographs.

The point 3-9 acre park is operated by a local man. 54 year old, Awang Wilson Lim built the park with a concept of wellness and well-being as well as treatment from various illnesses. Awang Wilson hoped that the park will bring joy to many people. Initially, the park was only shared with family members and friends. However, with the encouragement of the Tourism Development Centre, the park was opened to the public with the objective of becoming one of the tourist attractions in the country. According to the owner, the park was built in honour of his late wife who passed away five years ago from cancer. This was also one of the inspirations for Awang Wilson to share the park with the public.

Apart from taking walks in the park, visitors can also take part in Qi Gong which combines easily movements with breathing exercises to enhance energy, oxygen and blood flow throughout the body. The exercise is conducted every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8.30 in the morning and 4.30 in the afternoon. Joyful Park is open daily to the public for free from 7 in the morning until 6 in the evening.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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