JPKE Surprise Visit

The Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE), Prime Minister's Office has conducted a surprise visit to several business premises in Temburong District. The main objective of the visit was to ensure the price of controlled goods under the Price Control Act, Chapter 142, as well as to inspect business compliance with the Price Control (Display of Prices) Order that requires goods on displayed to be clearly price tagged.

The surprise visit led by Pengiran Hajah Siti Nirmala binti Pengiran Haji Mohammad, the Deputy Permanent Secretary (Economic and Finance) at the Prime Minister's Office found 5 business premises to have committed offences under the Price Control Act, Chapter 142 and its Regulations. Failure to comply with the Act can result in a the issuance of a compound not exceeding $1,000; a fine of $5,000 and 2 years imprisonment for the first offence; or a fine of $20,000 and imprisonment of 5 years for a repeated offence.

The visit also explained to the business owners on the 22 price controlled items listed in the Act among them rice, sugar, plain flour, formulated powdered milk; condensed and evaporated milk; Cigarettes and tobacco and cooking oil. The updated list of maximum prices set for price controlled items can be obtained online through JPKE's official website and SmartConsumers mobile application.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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