Kampung Bebuloh Religious Activities House Tadarus, Sunat Tarawih and Witir Prayers

The Converts Welfare Unit, Converts Development Section, Islamic Da'wah Centre also organised the Tadarus, Sunat Tarawih and Witir Prayers at the Kampung Bebuloh Religious Activities House.

The delegation was led by Dayang Hajah Fatimah binti Haji Ahmad, the Head of Censorship and Exhibition. The Tadarus ceremony was followed by Breaking the Fast, mass Fardhu Maghrib and Isyak prayers, followed by Sunat Tarawaih and Witir prayers. The ceremony aimed to guide the new converts to be more active in learning the correct and perfect reading of Al-Quran, together in appreciating the month of Ramadhan and matters related to the blessed month.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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