Kampung Selangan Mosque Tadarus Ceremony

It is the 8th of Ramadhan now. Muslims in the world and in Brunei Darussalam are full of energy and enthusiasm as they fast and perform other religious acts to glorify the holy month. One of the widely practised religious acts in Ramadhan is the Tadarus Al-Quran and in Temburong District, Kampung Selangan Mosque is also holding the Tadarus. It is performed by the mosque Muslimah, youth, congregants as well as children living nearby. Contrary to mistaken belief, fasting in Ramadhan does not make the ummah listless or weak.

Speaking about the benefits and advantages of Tadarus Al-Quran in Ramadhan, Awang Mahdini bin Kamis, the Iman of Kampung Selangan Mosque said reading Al-Quran should be increased in the last nights of Ramadhan and the first 10 days of the month of Zulhijah.

Awang Mahdini also quoted a hadith of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam that says reading Al-Quran brings enlightenment to one's heart. The readers will be put in a high place in Heaven and be protected from the fires of Hell. The Imam added Tadarus Al-Quran basically means learning Al-Quran and during the sessions, the participants are guided, checked and corrected by the Imam or the more proficient Quran readers among them. Reading Al-Quran alone is a way to perform Zikir but it is not Tadarus, since there is no one else monitoring and correcting the reading.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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