Kesyukuran Ceremony in Conjunction with His Majesty’s 72nd Birthday

The mass Fardu Maghrib and Isya' prayers, reading of Surah Yasin, Tahlil and Do'a Kesyukuran in conjunction with His Majesty's Birthday were also held at all other mosques, suraus and religious halls in the country.

In Tutong District, the Kesyukuran ceremony took place at Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque in Tutong Town. It began with the mass Fardhu Maghrib prayer led by Awang Sahibol Omar bin Haji Yusof, Imam of the mosque. Also present were Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Ramli bin Haji Lahit, Member of the Legislative Council and Awang Shamsul Bahrin bin Haji Mohd Hussain, the Tutong District Officer.

In Temburong District, the mass Fardhu Maghrib prayer and the sunat hajat prayer were led by Awang Haji Yussof bin Haji Ahad, Imam of Mohammad Salleh Main Mosque. In attendance were Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Emran bin Haji Sabtu, Member of the Legislative Council; and Awang Haji Adnan bin Haji Adam, the Acting Temburong District Officer.

The Kesyukuran ceremony in Belait District was held at Muhammad Jamalul Alam Mosque in Kuala Belait. The congregants included Awang Haji Md Zamree bin Haji Junaidi, the Acting Belait District Officer. The mass Fardhu Maghrib prayer was led by Awang Akup bin Haji Lamat, the Mosque Affairs Officer.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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