Key Paper Presentation

Families are the main agent in producing the human capital as a unit in community development. Offspring's who gain examples through an Islamic environment in a family institution will become courteous citizens with high self-esteem and the capability to contribute to the welfare of the community and nation.

The effort to produce excellent human capital was among the contents of the key working paper in an International Seminar on Fiqh Al-Usran or Family Education, this afternoon.

Doctor Haji Adanan in Haji Besar, the Acting Raes of Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College, in his key paper entitled, "Exemplary Family - the Basis of Community Development." stressed that parents play an important role in teaching their children good manners by instilling in them Islamic noble values and examples from the noble characteristics of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. to further strengthen their adherence to Islamic teachings. Aside from that, Doctor Haji Adanan added, such lessons must be practised in their speech, deeds and behaviour in line with the Islamic objective.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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