Keynote Address

Halalan-thayyiban products have become global products and are playing an important role in the formulation of policy and strategy of the government, Multinational Corporation, the development of small and medium industries, research and development projects, trade, international marketing as well as the creation of a peaceful and prosperous country blessed by Allah the Almighty. The matter was highlighted in the keynote address in conjunction with the Brunei Halal Showcase or BruHAS this morning. The paper also highlighted various matters related to Halalan Thayyiban products as the core of creating a blessed country.

Associate Professor Doctor Nurdeng Deuraseh, the Director of Halalan Thayyiban Research Centre of UNISSA said in the keynote address that although Al-Quran underscored the concept and characters of Baldatun Thayyibatun and Halalan Thayyiban, but there was no effort to relate the greatness of the concept in building a truly prosperous community.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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