Khatam Al-Quran Ceremony in Conjunction with RBAF’s Anniversary

To empower the reading of Al-Quran among the officers and staff of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, RBAF, a Khatam Al-Quran ceremony was held in conjunction with the RBAF's 56th anniversary. The function held this afternoon aimed to encourage the officers and staff of RBAF to read the Quran, apart from instilling spiritual elements so that all the entrusted responsibilities can be carried out, and seeks blessings from Allah Subbahanahu Wataala.

This year, the Khatam Al-ceremony gathered 10 readers from units under the Ministry of Defence and Bolkiah Garrison. The function commenced with the mass fardhu Zohor prayer, followed by the reading of Al-Quran, Takhtim, Dikir Marhaban and Doa Peliharakan Sultan. Present was Yang Dimuliakan Pehin Datu Pekerma Jaya Major General Dato Paduka Seri Mohammad Tawih bin Abdullah, the Commander of RBAF.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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