Korean Cybersecurity Eyes Partnership with AMBD in Biometrics (BruDirect (Brunei))

KTB Solution, a top Korean cybersecurity company is looking to establish a partnership with Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD) in providing next generation technology in biometricbased authentication of Smart Sign through the setting up of a research and development centre.

Smart Sign is a non face-to-face bio-based authentication system that makes use of individuals’ signature or drawing as high-level security authentication to squash concern on e-payment.

Kim Tae-bong, the CEO of KTB Solution who also is a special appraiser designated by the Supreme Court in Korea, along with Kim Sung-you, Director of Global Business Team are in Brunei looking for potential collaborations with the government.

Since Monday, Kim Tae-bong and Kim Sung-you have received encouraging responses when meeting with officials. In an interview, Kim Tae-bong explained the advantages of Smart Sign whereby security measure can be applied to smart phones.

Through the individual’s signature or drawing being utilised as forms of bio-based authentication, Kim Tae-bong said, “The Smart Sign can prevent unauthorised use or imitation on e-payment. The system can verify the start and end point and input pressure measurement for each individual signature/drawing and therefore it can’t be imitated.”

National Korean bank as well as e-commerce enterprises are scheduled to launch the new Smart Sign authentication this year in the financial industry. Next year, Smart Sign will be heading to other industries such as automotives, residential properties and national ID databases just to mention a few. Kim Tae-bong also voiced his aspiration to help train locals for the research and development centre.

The CEO of KTB Solution, who was also a hacker in his teenage years said, “We are hoping to help train a cyber army for Brunei at the centre. The centre can also be a training hub to train personnel from other Asean member countries.”

As a former hacker, Kim Tae-bong understands the threat posed to security and individuals by gaining access to valuable information. He also feels that Brunei can also potentially host hacking competitions.

“The USA has the Defcon Competition, so why can’t Brunei host an Asean Con where hackers from the region can compete.”

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