L6 lottery ready for sale for the regular draw on 1 Oct. 2023.

The new L6 lottery or 6-digit lottery will begin selling the draw on October 1, 2023, with 80 million paper and 21 million digital tickets, totaling 101 million.

Lieutenant Colonel Noon Sanakhom, director of the Lottery Division, confirmed that the new type of L6 lottery or 6-digit lottery will start selling in the draw on October 1, with 80 million paper tickets sold and 21 million digital tickets in total. 101 million cards

The digital lottery will be sold in the Patang app, everything is similar to the normal lottery, but there will be a label on the lottery that L6 and in the last draw of this year, the L6 digital lottery will be available for purchase up to 30 million. There will be up to 30 first prize winners.

While collecting prizes will be more convenient. Especially the person who won the 1st prize, who usually has to go to the lottery only, but L6 can choose to receive money via digital wallet, wallet app, Krung Thai bank account. or go to the lottery office It can be done as well. - Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency