Littering & Dumping Rubbish at Forest Area

A company in Kampung Tanjung Nangka, was issued with a compound fine of 500 dollars for littering and dumping rubbish at a forest area without permission from any responsible agencies.

The company paid the compound fine and was advised not to litter and dump rubbish in forest areas which will make it a waste disposal site without a valid permit. The Licensing and Enforcement Section of the Brunei Muara District Office reminds the public not to take the easy way out by using the forest area, empty lots and public areas as rubbish dumping grounds without permit from the authorities first. If found guilty, legal action will be taken under Paragraph 12 of the Minor Offences Act, Chapter 30. The fine is not more than one thousand dollars for the first offence and for subsequent offences, the fine is not more than three thousand dollars as well as imprisonment of not exceeding 3 months or both.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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