LNCP Involves International Programme Design and Ministry Of Education

The Literacy and Numeracy Coaching Programme, LNCP is an initiative of the Ministry of Education to enhance student's achievements in primary and secondary schools in numeracy and literacy apart from improving the teachers' teaching quality especially those teaching English Language and Mathematics. The programme which began on 15 August 2016 involves programme design between international experts and the Ministry of Education to ensure it is line with the National Education System for the 21st Century SPN21.

Apart from enhancing local teachers' teaching quality and students' competence in English Language and Mathematics in primary and secondary schools, the LNCP also aims to produce local experts in Literacy and Numeracy who can continue the programme once it is completed next year. It is to assist and support the Ministry of Education in achieving the objective of the Key Performance Indicator, KPI, and set targets, simultaneously achieving Wawasan Brunei 2035 which is producing highly educated and skilled Brunei Darussalam citizens and residents.

As of January last year, 55 international coaches were attached to all primary and secondary schools under the Ministry of Education and six Arabic Secondary Schools under the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The Ministry of Education is targeting 120 local teachers to become Local Expert Coaches who are hoped to make changes in the classrooms with more effective and the best approaches. Meanwhile, nearly 700 English Language and Mathematics teachers known as Learning Partners have been coached by International Coaches.

The LNCP focuses on "teaching for mastery". Four vital elements are applied which are assisting teachers in structuring and organising lessons, dialogic teaching and learning, effective task design and accessing for learning, which cover the pedagogy or the efficacy of teacher's presentations. 50 local English Language and Mathematics teachers of the First and Second Cohorts known as Local Coaches completed their Accreditation Training last year. They are now continuing training at the expert level.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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