Logo for 28th National Day Celebration

The logo for Brunei Darussalam's 38th National Day Celebration is the shape of a flower that signifies the national spirit, unity and cooperation of the people and residents in the development of the nation. The National Day logo indicates that Brunei Darussalam will remain a sovereign and independent country, with people who always support its sovereignty and adhere to the Malay Islamic Monarchy philosophy.

There are five elements in this year's National Day celebration logo. The first element, Brunei Darussalam's crest symbolises the nation's sovereignty and independence.

Meanwhile, the second element of flower petals symbolise the 7 indigenous groups in unity to defend the nation and towards realising the visions under Wawasan Brunei 2035. The two types of Yellow and Green flowers represent two generations, namely pre-independence and post-independence, that work hard towards national development.

The third element of three leaves represent the three aspirations under Wawasan Brunei 2035. The three dews on the leaves signify the number of accomplishment under each aspirations. Educated and highly skilled people - 3 accomplishments; High quality of - 5 accomplishments; and a dynamic and sustainable economy - 3 accomplishments.

The eight flower petals symbolise the dynamics of the nation and races development that is always fresh and vibrant in achieving the needs of development.

Meanwhile the fifth element, the merge of three leaves and eight flower petals means that the country has been independent for 38 years.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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