“Madame Pang” confirms Thai League 1-3 receives more support than before.

Bangkok, International Football Federation Admire Thailand In hosting the 74th FIFA Congress meeting, as for the financial support for the Thai League 1 team, Madam Pang will try to push it to reach 10 million baht next year. "Madame Pang" Mrs. Nuanphan Lamsam, President of the Football Association of Thailand Chaired the Board of Directors meeting No. 4/2024, which Madam Pang It was revealed after the meeting that Gianni Infantino, President of the International Football Federation or FIFA, and those who attended the event They all said in one voice that they made the right decision by choosing Thailand to be the host. FIFA has confirmed that it will provide assistance in developing and upgrading the Thai football industry, including men's, women's, Thai League, and grassroots football. Including Thai youth football to be better. Madam Pang also revealed the matter of adjusting the contract with Plan B Company, which has been discussed with executives in a good direction. and it is good for the associatio n Plan B will retain the benefits until 2028, but the association will receive more benefits than before. As for supporting money for the Thai League next season Copyright matters which aside from True who was the first to talk Now I will be open to talking with others as well. But confirmed that the Thai League 1-2-3 financial support will definitely be more than last season. Will push it up to 10 million baht for Thai League 1 because last year it was only 7 million baht. As for the schedule for the ASEAN Football Championship at the end of 2024, a tentative schedule has now been laid out. It will not overlap with the Thai League. and hope to win the championship. As for Thai League 2 next season, there will be VAR. It is expected that it will actually start to work during the 2nd leg. There is also approval to pay retrospective prize money to Thai League 2-3 and Revo Cup. Two years ago, there was a residual amount of more than 20 million baht. It is expected to be paid today or as soon as possible. Sour ce: Thai News Agency