Marijuana for health-economics only

MoT.1 confirms cannabis policy for health and economy. Please stop creating discourse. Free marijuana story Ready to explain that if you go too far, you don't understand the issue of decentralization.

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Mentioning today's policy announcement that there were concerns about marijuana policy, he said that marijuana policy is clearly about marijuana for health and the economy. Not free cannabis which in the past was seen as being made into a discourse to make the public misunderstand You should stop talking about this matter.

As for the issue of decentralization The Minister of Interior said that if there are any questions, the information has already been prepared. On the issue of the Governor being the CEO, it is implied that the Governor is already the CEO and the Governor must give approval and be the person who oversees the government. But you must try to make it more concise and nimble. Providing public services as quickly as possible As for the issues that the Progressive Party considers decentralization policy It will strengthen power even more than that. It is considered to be an understanding of moving forward. If you don't understand, you must explain.

As for the interior policy that the people will receive, Mr. Anutin said that he would like the Prime Minister to announce the policy first.

Source: Thai News Agency