Marriage Cards Issued To Married Couples According To Islamic Family Law Act

Two thousand nine hundred and 14 Marriage Cards were issued to one thousand 457 couples nationwide since its launch on the 23rd of January 2017. The Office of Marriages, Divorces, Reconcilement and Annulment of Muslim Marriages, Syariah Courts Department recorded the number up to the end of May this year. According to Dayang Hairani binti Haji Mohd Jais, Assistant Registrar of the Syariah Subordinate Court, the Marriage Card is issued to fulfil the legal requirements under paragraph 22 bracket 1, Islamic Family Law Act, Chapter 2-17.

Dayang Hairani said that according to the legal requirements under the Act, after the registration of a marriage and upon payment of the prescribed fees, the Registrar shall issue a Marriage Certificate and a Marriage Card in the prescribed forms to both parties to the marriage. Aside from that the marriage card which is in the form of an identification card also allows the marriage card to be brought along easily especially if the married couple need to go overseas.

The Marriage Card can be applied together with the marriage application registered with the marriage officer with a registration fee of 50 dollars. According to Dayang Hairani, the marriage card is not issued to Brunei citizens who got married overseas and is only given to a married couple who got married in the country. The marriage cards are issued to couples who got married as of the 1st of January 2017.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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