Marriage Issue

Following the report of a couple whose marriage could not take place on the 4th of this month, the Brunei Darussalam Shari'ah Courts through the Department of Muslims Marriage Registration, Divorce, Annulment and Reconciliation has conducted an investigation on evidence given by the said couple. As the result of the investigation, it was discovered the couple never submitted any marriage application at any Registration Office in the country and both their names were not in the records of any Registration Office.

The investigation also discovered one of them is a foreigner whose marriage application is subject to the laws of the person's country of origin. According to the statement, the application for the couple's marriage was arranged by a foreign couple who also made arrangements with another foreign couple who was reportedly able to facilitate their marriage application. The involved couple never contacted any appointed Marriage Official in the country before their intended marriage.

The Shari'ah courts also remind that any Muslim couple who wish to get married to submit applications through the proper channel which is the Marriage Registration Office in the district where the applicant lives. The application must be submitted personally and not by other parties including the couple's parents. The Registration Office also provides a list of appointed Marriage Officials at every Registration Office.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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