Media Conference on Updating Applicants’ Data

Applicants for the National Housing Scheme and the Land Award Scheme for Indigenous Citizens from 2009 until 2016 throughout the country are required to update the National Housing Scheme Applicants' Data, KSPN, from the 10th of April until the 10th of June 2017. The updated data collected will be used for a more consolidated analysing and research process as well as in raising the existing planning and policy levels.

The call came from Doctor Nor Imtihan binti Haji Abdul Razak, the Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Development at the Media Conference on Updating KSPN Data 2017, this afternoon. Doctor Nor Imtihan also said that failure to submit the KSPN 2017 forms in time will affect the application process. Therefore, support and cooperation from successful applicants in providing correct and complete information are highly expected in together ensuring the success of KSPN 2017.

From the year 2009 until 2015, more than 26 thousand people applied for houses under the National Housing Scheme and Land for the Indigenous Citizens throughout the country. Seven locations have been provided for implementation of KSPN 2017. They are Muafaqah Hall, 1st Floor, Housing Development Department Office; the 1st Floor Lobby of the Ministry of Development; the Public Works Department Head Office Lobby; Water Service Department Headquarters at Jalan Tasek Lama; as well as the Belait, Tutong and Temburong Branches of the Housing Development Department. The counters provided will be operating every day except Fridays, Sundays and Public Holidays, from 8 in the morning until 4.30 in the afternoon. KSPN 2017 will be conducted manually and via e-mail.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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