Medical, Health and Beauty Treatment Services found in Violation of Medical and Health Practises Laws and Regulations

​The Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Royal Brunei Police Force, RBPF, Royal Customs and Excise Department, JKED, Ministry of Finance and Economy and the District Office Licensing and Enforcement Section, Ministry of Home Affairs has conducted joint operations on activities involving medical, health and beauty treatment services, as well as the import and sale of controlled medicine, traditional medicine and prohibited health supplement products and cosmetics. The operations carried out since January are follow-ups to complaints received as well information obtained believed to be conducted by individuals who do not have the specific certifications or trainings as well as carrying out businesses and clinical services without permit, registration and business licenses as well as product permits from any authority in the country. This also includes selling as well as using controlled medicine, traditional medicine and prohibited health supplement products and cosmetics.


The operation also detained individuals comprising locals and foreigners, and a number of medicines, health and cosmetic products, as well as treatment equipment believed to be used for carrying out treatments on customers were also found. Following the findings, all treatment equipment, medicines, health and cosmetic products were seized as evidence. Among the medical, health and beauty treatment services found during the operations which violate the law and regulations of medical and health practises currently enforced include treatment or augmentation of body parts using fillers, facial treatments using clinical methods that are risky and dangerous;


medical and beauty treatments using injections of IV dripping by utilising medicine, supplement and beauty products; treatments using pill products either containing medicine products, or supplements for the purpose of health or beauty treatments; provision of treatment services such as injections including IV dripping. Among the side effects, risks and complications from the treatments are as on the screen.

Medical and health treatments usually require certain and specific knowledge, skills, trainings and certifications in the fields of medicine and health. In Brunei Darussalam medical and beauty treatments utilised, including beauty treatments using clinical treatment methods as well as using clinical medical equipment and treatments using pharmaceutical products are limited to registered Medical Practitioners. The importation, sale and supply of medical products are also under the Poisons Act, Chapter 114 while the Medicine Order, 2007 supervises the import, registration, advertisement, clinical trials, transport, manufacturing, storage, dispensation and sale of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Any individuals carrying out any health, beauty and  medical treatment services or using cosmetic or supplement products as a treatment method are required to obtain a business license, permission and approval beforehand from the Ministry of Health and also from any related authorities in the country. If any members of the public are found to have conducted service activities without the permission and approval of the authorities, they can be penalised under the related laws in the country.


The import of pharmaceutical products for commercial purposes under the Department of Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health need to declare through the Brunei Darussalam National Single Window, BDNSW which requires the Department of Pharmaceutical Services’ endorsement before being allowed into the country. Meanwhile, importation for personal use must be submitted to the Department of Pharmaceutical Services to be endorsed or obtain approval. The importation, supply, sale and use of cosmetic products as well as supplements and treatment equipment, must obtain permission and approval before the products and equipment are imported, supplied and sold in Brunei Darussalam. For traditional and health supplement products, importers, manufacturers and sellers must submit the required application and documents to obtain permission from the Department of Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health before the product is imported, supplied or sold in Brunei Darussalam. Any individuals found guilty can be fined under the Poisons Act 1956 and Medicine Order 2007. Individuals and cube owners or caretakers must ensure that no form of advertisement for the products sold either placed in the cube such as leaflets, brochures, testimonials and others or through the cube owned social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others which have requirements to prevent, control and treat diseases.


The Ministry of Health also advices the public to be aware when obtaining medical, health and beauty treatments especially those providing clinical treatment methods and also those giving testimonials of being able to treat any diseases. Aside from that, the public is also advised NOT to be easily deceived into purchasing health supplements and beauty products by the overwhelming advertisements and promotions on social media which are unvalidated. The public must ensure that the treatment services and products have permission and approval from authorities in the country and the treatments are conducted by registered and accredited practitioners before it is used.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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