‘Mindtrex Academy’ Application helps to understand Children’s Learning

With the technology available today, online learning is no longer an uncommon thing. Mindtrex Academy believes that with the available technology, it is able to deliver quality learning content to the public in a more efficient way especially to students. This year, Mindtrex has launched an app called Mindtrex Academy to help students learn online. This application helps students in their learning especially for students in YEAR 4, 5 and 6 according to the syllabus of the Ministry of Education. The 'Game-based' application uses the 'Gamification' method that can encourage children to learn and motivate students to compete healthily.

The Mindtrex Academy application is one of the alternatives for parents to understand and help their children in their learning. 'Analytics Data' available in this application allows parents to know the performance and reports of their children.

Since the app was offered on the market, Mindtrex academy received 100 positive testimonials from users. Now, Mindtrex aims to be a 'One Stop Learning Platform' for Primary and Secondary Schools including Student Progress Examination, SPE and 'O' Level Examination.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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