Ministry of Communication Currently Updating its Strategic Plan

To ensure a continuation to the implementation of the main policies under the Strategic Plan 2008-2017, the Ministry of Communications is currently updating its Strategic Plan 2018-2023. Towards reaching Wawasan 2035, the Ministry of Communications continues to implement policies and objectives based on the Whole of Nation approach. The Minister of Communications said this need includes a restructuring of the industry, updating laws and regulations, and strengthening the implementation of provisions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Communications and departments under it. In this regard, Yang Berhormat Awang Abdul Mutalib underlined 8 priorities and focus which have been identified as the Ministry of Communications' direction.

Firstly, updating policies and objectives related to provision of services to the public. This includes closing the digital gap, specifically in rural and interior areas. The proposal to corporatize the Postal Service Department is also targeted in view of the challenges and opportunities that exist in the current digital economic era.

Secondly, updating the implementation of policies which contribute to the safety and well-being of the people. Several fields have been identified as priorities under this direction, such as road safety, as well as water and air transport which all need serious attention and concerted commitment from the government, private sector, non-government organizations and the public in general.

Thirdly, strengthening enforcement and implementation of Acts and regulations of departments and agencies to ensure that the safety and interests of users are protected. Among the continuous efforts is an emphasis on the role of the Maritime and Ports Authority in enforcing and promoting the use of life jackets among operators and passengers in Brunei waters.

Fourthly, strengthening efforts towards increasing the contribution of the communications and transport sectors to Gross Domestic Product, GDP growth. In the communications sector, the Ministry targets to increase its contribution to 3 percent, and 5 percent for the transport sector by 2035.

Fifthly, strengthening monitoring of the implementation of all initiatives based on the Key Performance Indicator method. To ensure planned initiatives are geared towards the accomplishment of Wawasan 2035 objectives, the Ministry is currently strengthening its data analytics to improve effectiveness of policy provision and its implementation.

Sixthly, intensifying efforts to increase government revenue. Among the efforts taken by the Ministry is the establishment of a task force for revenue and payment arrears in December 2017 and the Credit Control Unit in January this year. To date, nearly 5.7 million dollars have successfully been collected as a result of these efforts.

Seventhly, efforts to reduce spending. In managing the allocation, steps towards reducing spending will continue to be enhanced. Among them is in terms of electrical usage conservation such as the Department of Civil Aviation's savings of nearly 284 thousand dollars throughout 2017.

And lastly, facilitating business and industry communications by enhancing cooperation with stakeholders. The Ministry will continue to hold discussion sessions with the relevant stakeholders, specifically at the grassroots level to ensure the provision and implementation of public policy by the Ministry are carried out in a more detailed and organized manner.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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