MPABD’s Advise To Boat Owners and Operators

The Maritime and Port Authority of Brunei Darussalam, MPABD urges the public especially boat owners and boat operators to be vigilant before and while carrying out water activities. MPABD also requires boat operators to attend Class 9, Limited course and qualify for Class 9, Limited licenses before operating any boats.

Every boat operator is issued with the Permission Letter for Passenger Boat Service, the number of crews and passengers allowed and the usage of life jackets are stated in the Permission Letter. If the boat operators do not abide by the stipulated requirements, MPABD will retract the Permission Letter effective immediately. MPABD has issued a Domestic Shipping Notice dated 5 June 2020 regarding the use of life jackets. If the driver OR owner of the boat and its passengers are found not wearing life jackets while on board, MPABD will not hesitate to revoke the boat's Certificate of Registry and its boat driver's Certificate of Class 9, Limited.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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