Mualaf Guidance Class

The efficacy of religious programmes and new converts guidance classes in the country is important to ensure that all new converts can receive continuous religious guidance regardless of age. This is clear with the use of various suitable methods, approaches or media for da'wah propagation in the country, including the rural areas. This includes the mobile da'wah propagation which is often well-received and can attract more non-Muslims to choose Islam as their new faith.

The Mualaf Guidance class is an extended class for new converts after they completed the Basic Guidance Scheme at the Islamic Da'wah Centre. It is conducted by the Da'wah Unit at each district with the aim to guide new converts in understanding and learning the basics of Islam and help them to adjust to Islamic lifestyle.

In Tutong District alone, 7 locations were chosen for the guidance classes namely the Pengiran Muda Abdul Wakeel Mosque, Kampong Bukit Mosque, the Tutong District New Converts Association or PESATU building, the Kampung Kiudang Mungkom New Converts Welfare Body, BASKIM, Kampung Batang Mitus and Kampung Sungai Damit Pemadang Ukong. Apart from being a centre for Al-Quran and Muqaddam learning, the classes also comprise a number of topics including Tauhid, Fiqh, cleanliness and prayer practicals.

The establishment of the guidance classes can produce converts who can truly understand Islam and practise the teachings of Islam in their daily life.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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