Muslims Are Encouraged To Help One Another

Islam the religion of love, brotherhood and does not differentiate the rich and the poor. Muslims are encouraged to help one another regardless of race, lineage, family, neighbours, friend or anyone. By helping one another, it can instil a sense of respect and love. One of the ways of helping others is by performing charitable deeds, namely spending one's wealth in the ways of Allah the Almighty. This was among the content of yesterday's Friday Sermon.

According to the Imam or prayer leader, spending one's wealth either by giving alms, endowments or paying tithe, will not only assist the poor and destitute as well as those in need, it can also encourage a person to always to do good deeds, purify the soul, instil compassion, as well as avoid deplorable behaviours such as arrogance and selfishness. Among the benefits of giving alms include purifying the soul and property; prevent unwanted incidents and disease, as well as protection in the Hereafter.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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