‘Nasi Bungkus Surat Khabar’ Receives Encouraging Response

Members of the public might be familiar with Nasi Katok, but what about 'Nasi Bungkus Surat Khabar'?

'Nasi Bungkus Surat Khabar' is among the main menu of Santai-Santai Shooting Kafe and Grill owned by Awang Roslee bin Haji Metali. According to Awang Roslee, the idea of opening the cafe came when he was involved in acting. The unique name and taste of the dish makes it a favourite among customers.

Santai-Santai Shooting Kafe and Grill, located at Kampong Panchor Mengkubau National Housing Scheme, often becomes a hotspot for food enthusiasts. Following the encouraging response, Santai-Santai Shooting Kafe and Grill now has a branch in Kampung Madang/Manggis.

Santai-Santai Shooting Kafe and Grill is expected to receive more response from the public, especially from its 'Nasi Bungkus Surat Khabar'.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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