National Health Science Education Symposium 2018

The Ministry of Health has taken proactive measures to raise awareness on the importance of health care and prevention of disease. The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health said the Ministry of Health's main objective is to provide quality services to its customers and stakeholders. Awang Haji Abdul Manap bin Othman explained that the ministry continues to make the country's healthcare system more comprehensive, coordinated and cost effective. Awang Haji Abdul Manap stated the matter at the National Health Science Education Symposium 2018 at the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College, KUPU SB.

The Permanent Secretary added that through the vision 'Bersama Ke arah Warga Sihat', the Ministry of Health has underlined 3 main strategies namely; health is everyone's business, prevent and control non-communicable diseases through consolidation, and realign healthcare services. He added that to achieve the Wawasan Brunei 2035, the health sector is also listed to play its role in creating suitable strategies.

The presentation titled "Pendidikan Kesihatan Keluarga Menurut Perspektif Islam" or Family Health Education from the Perspective of Islam was delivered by Head of Department and Family Health Specialist, Medical Science Studies Centre, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Associate Professor Doctor Rosediani binti Muhammad among other things stressed that Family Health management is important and in line with the teachings of Islam.

The symposium titled 'Bergerak Sihat Bersama Islam' was also filled with exhibition, health check, blood donation and others. The Student Affairs Section, KUPU SB also held the Israk Mikraj exhibition. Also present was Doctor Haji Adanan bin Haji Besar, Acting Raes of KUPU SB. 400 government officers and staff, KUPU SB lecturers and staff as well as students from higher education institutions nationwide attended the one-day symposium.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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