National Vaccination Programme For COVID-19, Close Contact Definition Updated, 3 Compound Fines Issued Nationwide

The Minister of Health also shared on the accomplishments of the National Vaccination Programme as of the 15th February 2022.

As of 15th February 2022, the accomplishments of the National Vaccination Programme for those who have received three doses is 48 point 1 per cent of the overall rate of population, meanwhile for those who have received one dose and two doses is more than 94 per cent respectively. As informed during the Media Conference on Monday, 14th February 2022, a number of procedures have been updated to enhance the provision of health services during the Third Wave of COVID-19. In this regard, the Ministry of Health has updated the definition of “close contact” or primary contacts as follows:

• Individuals living in the same household with a positive case.

• A colleague working in the same room or space with a positive case or sitting next to a positive case.

• Individuals who interacted face-to-face with a positive case for more than 30 minutes and at a distance of less than 1 meter in an enclosed area or indoors.

• Being in the same vehicle and sitting at close range or no more than two seats with a positive case for more than 15 minutes.

In addition, to facilitate the provision of services to the public, especially to individuals travelling abroad, swabs for the RT-PCR test can be done at Jerudong Park Medical Centre, JPMC commencing Thursday, 17th February 2022 and Panaga Health Centre starting Friday, 18th February 2022. Swab services performed at such centres will incur appropriate charges, which will likely include administration charges.

Meanwhile, the movement restrictions carried out from 12 midnight until 4 in the morning, 3 violations of the directive nationwide were issued with compound fines which are violations of the directive to stay at home.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health informed the public that starting 14th February 2022, only the first offence for the violation of the directive to stay at home will be subject to a compound fine while anyone found committing second and subsequent offences will be brought to court.

The public are reminded to perform their social responsibilities by wearing a face mask when leaving the house and using hand sanitisers or performing frequent hand washing. Report the ART test results to the portal displayed if you get a positive result on the ART. Failure to report a positive ART result to the portal is an offence under the Infectious Diseases Act Chapter 204.

Source: Radio Television Brunei