Nationhood Briefing

Towards cultivating patriotism among school students to respect and assimilate the national anthem and national flag, 182 Year 7 students of the Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam Secondary School were given a Nationhood Briefing.

The briefing which touched on topics such as the Monarch, the Brunei Darussalam National Flag, flag hoisting procedures as well as assimilation of the Brunei Darussalam National Anthem, was delivered by Dayang Hajah Hamsah binti Datu Kerna Haji Jaya, Head of the Nationhood Unit, Information Department.

The programme aimed to enhance the assimilation and understanding of the students towards the National Anthem and Flag, raising their awareness on living in a nation, country and religion based on the Malay Islamic Monarchy concept. It is also hoped to strengthen the high spirit of patriotic unity and nationhood in every student.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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