New ART Feature in BruHealth Activated

COVID-19 patients can now report their health condition or status or self-triage in the BruHealth app through the newly activated "ART" feature yesterday. To assist the Ministry of Health in the management of COVID-19 patients, the Patient Monitoring Team, PMT has the role of following up on the management of patients through telephone calls after they are instructed to undergo mandatory isolation at home, especially for patients under categories 1 and 2a. According to Doctor Hajah Martina Dato Seri Paduka Haji Kifrawi, Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health, the PMT is to ensure that patients are well and stable during home isolation. The team also manages the patient's health condition; assist in the delivery of healthcare packages to patients and sets appropriate discharge protocols.

COVID-19 patients can now upload their ART results on BruHealth on day 5 and the PMT can then monitor the patient's condition, and subsequently process the patient's discharge and code conversion to the original colour.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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