New Mosque in Kampung Bukit Panggal, Tutong Provides Ease and Comfort to Residents in Performing Acts of Worship

The new mosque at Kampung Bukit Panggal will make it easier for the villagers and those living nearby to perform prayers and carry out other welfare and charitable activities in their village or area.

Ar-Rahim Mosque in Kampung Bukit Panggal, Tutong District is built on a 5 acre site and can accommodate 800 to one thousand male and female congregants. Apart from the main prayer halls for men and women, other facilities include lecture hall, library and info-technology room, administrative office, guest room, Imam's and Bilal's Office, ablution area for special needs men and women as well as funeral management room. With its completion, the mosque brings the total number of mosques in the country to 118, including surau and religious halls. Kampung Bukit Panggal residents are grateful and say the mosque provides comfort and enables them to conduct more religious activities.

In seeking blessings during Ramadhan, Muslims in Brunei Darussalam perform more religious acts. With the new mosque, villagers in Kampung Bukit Panggal and the nearby areas will be able to pray and perform other religious acts in greater comfort.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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